Announced New Web Marketing and Promotion Strategies for 2016, an e-chatting portal that has become a trusted name among online adult entertainment seekers, recently unveiled their web marketing and promotion strategies for 2016., an online chat portal that has become quite a popular among a particular section of married people who want to have erotic chat with open-minded individuals and couples from around the world, recently unveiled their couple cams web marketing strategies for 2016. The owners of the online chat portal said that they want to create some interest among people speaking languages other than English.

“Many of our active members have English as their mother tongue. However, we do understand that there are many others who speak other widely spoken languages such as Spanish, French and Japanese fluently and they do want to join online chat forums. We have decided to diversify our couple webcam services and have adopted new marketing and promotion strategies for the year 2016 ahead”, said the recently appointed head of web marketing for

When asked about their specific web marketing objectives in 2016, the owners stated that they want to reduce bounce rates on their online chat forum, increase social media presence and create traction in the online adult entertainment niche market. “There are quite a few online chat forums that are offering the same kind of services. Our aim is to become the top couple live chat forum. For attaining this goal, we have decided to reshuffle our marketing objectives. First and foremost, we aim to reduce our portal’s bounce rate”, said the web marketing manager.

“In the past, we had removed ads from our couple cams web chatting portal and that really gave us good results. People did actually welcome the idea of chatting live with couples using a platform which is clean and ad-free”, claimed the web marketing manager. He also added that they are trying to rope in many new couples for the already crowded community. “There’s no upper limit for us. Male and female patrons using the portal often look for newer couples and we need to constantly improve our services to satisfy them”, the web marketing manager added during a press conference.

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